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What do Fairy letters look like?

The Fae have some very interesting habits in their selection of stationary. Each Fairy, Elf, Gremlin, Hobgoblin and Troll has his or her own signature envelope color. Most are about 4-inches wide by 3-inches high.

Some even use a special stamp or sticker to seal their letters. In rare cases a scroll is written.

They are often festooned with flowers, fairy dust, pixie dust and other oddish decorations.

Sometimes the main envelopes contain itty bitty envelopes with gifts of magical dusts, mermaid scale flake or Bravery flake.

Some children who come to the tree as regular Pen Pals to the Fae have even created special letter holders in which to save all of their precious correspondence and the little tokens and gifts the fairies and other creatures choose to bestow upon them.

However, fairies do not like to be too predictable. Sometimes they will suddenly change their envelope color to match the letter. For example, if a fairy, Elf or other magical being is teaching a child about Color Magic the envelope may match the color being taught in the enclosed lesson.

Note: Gremlins are not Fae. They are born of static electricity during major Summer storms and so are binary, electricity-based beings. They are colorblind. Therefore, you never know what color envelopes you will get from them because they themselves can not tell which is which.

If you send a letter to the Fae via our email you can choose to get a paper letter in return. FREE. Just be sure an include your full name and address in your email to your Pen Pal. As the Postal Carriers here will explain, they have a special arrangement with Fairy Queen Lysandra to transport these letters.

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