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Fairy Tree
1651 Longwood Drive,
Norfolk, VA 23508

About Us:


Lisa Suhay [referred to by the Fae as "Lady of the Book" since she has been charged by the Fairy Queen Lysandra to catalog all of the correspondence between Human & Fae] lives in Norfolk, Virginia where she serves as the scribe for the Fae and mermaids.

She has been a journalist for 31 years for The New York Times, The Christian Science Monitor, The Philadelphia Inquirer and is the author of 10 children’s books, including There Goes a Mermaid: A NorFolktale and America the Grateful: Where Thanksgiving Really Began.

In addition to being a writer, Lisa has performed a TEDx of community engagement in creating chess programs for children and is the founder of the Norfolk Initiative for Chess Excellence (NICE), a nationally recognized volunteer organization that brings Learn & Play chess to communities in order to advance critical thinking.

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