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Of course, the Fae make their own homes, but the way to invite them to stay at your place is by giving them the universal signal of creating a fairy door. If you build it they will come.

Also, think about this. Do all humans construct their own homes or do they move into homes made for them? Fairies and elves in the modern world are always interested in moving into places created especially for them. They are very grateful.



To make a fairy door stick FOREVER use Liquid Nails!

For forever fairy dwellings use Quikrete. Mix it in small batches.


Turorials to come. Stay tuned.

If you have tips, tricks, or best practices for fairy habitat creation we would love to hear from you. We are always interested in finding new crafty websites and tutorials. Please email

There's no wrong way to make a fairy door. It can be made from sticks, bark and twine in the yard or using items from the dollar store.

Here's a quick and easy way to create a door using craft sticks, glue and decorations. This comes from Virginia Beach Public Library's Josie Bergstrom with additional ideas from the website Adventure In a Box.

  • craft sticks (thin ones work best)

  • little rocks (you can buy rocks or use clay if it isn’t a good season for finding them in nature)

  • preserved moss

  • wooden blocks (we used imitation Jenga blocks from a local dollar store) for doorstep

  • paints (I used acrylic paints, but it isn’t crucial for the project, and you can use any paints you have)

  • white glue and hot glue

  • miniature dollhouse accessories (hinges, doorknobs, plant pots, etc)

Prepare the craft sticks. If they’re longer than necessary, trim them with scissors to the right size.

Using white glue, glue the sticks to a piece of stiff paper, with the ends at its edge. Press the sticks with something heavy on top while they dry for an hour or so.

For a more polished look you can use hot glue to add stones, moss and other items and check out the website Adventure In a Box for crafts shown below.


If you have made a fairy door or house please send photos to

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