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The Pen Pals of Fairy Tree Village

Who lives in Fairy Tree Village?


NOTE: Every time someone writes to Fairy Tree and doesn't specify which pen pal should answer there is a chance that a new member of the Fae, not listed here, will step up to meet whatever issue the others may not be qualified to address. For example, until a little girl asked about chemistry we had no idea that a science-loving Fairy named Gerti Cori lived in the tree.

Fairies (aka. Faeries)


The term fairy is really a very broad term. In America in the year 2020 the Fae are living their best lives, breaking many of the established conventions. Traditionally, the term applies to a whole host of magical folk including pixies, elves, banshees, brownies, goblins, gremlins and leprechauns.

​However, some countries also include satyrs, nymphs, valkyries, gnomes, sylphs, and even dwarves.

Dwarves tend to strongly reject being included and will often get very moody about it.

​The Powers of the Fae specialize in healing. So of course they have chosen this time in human history to make their presence known to children and a few adults during the time when humankind needs healing of the physical and emotional sort.

Fairies have the ability to cure broken or withered plants; wounds, broken bones, low vitality, and even diseases and restore the emotions and spirits of others.

​They also have the power of Photokinesis - the ability to project and control light and nature. Fairies are the only species shown to possess this power. This is where the term “Fairy Lights” comes from and why humans buy tiny lights. Somewhere in the collective unconscious humans live in the purest hope of attracting fairies.

Fairy Queen Lysandra – Her hair is red, eyes of gray, and gold that change color to match her mood. Her wings are golden dragonfly & green with just a hunt of Royal purple. Pet Lunar Moth named Snowdrop. Also has pet jumping spiders she keeps much like the Queen of England keeps Corgis. (Corgis are fairy digs). Favorite Skittle flavor is Orange. Often appears as a large tabby cat high in the Fairy Tree or super-fast dragonfly.

Water Fae:

Briona (Brook) – A water fairy who makes it rain on people she loves very dearly. She believes this will help them to grow like the garden. Can speak Mermish.

Plant Fae:

Esna – Makes plants grow absolutely huge. Makes healing teas. Lives deep in the roots of Fairy Tree. Has a bird companion named Planter who poops seeds.

Rosebloom – Makes flowers healthy. Often appears as a Monarch butterfly.

Gerti Cori - A chemistry fairy who supervises the growth and strength of medicinal (healing) plants, photosynthesis and other chemical reactions in plant life.

Light Fae:

Lumen – A White Fae of the Light Glamour Clan. Makes sparkles to trick the eye. LOves Sunbeam Sailing.

Una – A White Fae of the Light Glamour Clan. Animal helper and she is an orange Cat Fairy.

Wink – Light Fairy who is an expert glamour crafter and designer to the Queen.

Diem - The hardest fairy to catch because he moves so quickly when children are having a good time. Nobody has ever been able to seize Diem and hold Him for more than 24-hours at a time.

Air Fairies:

Sky is a Wind Whisperer. She can make breezes blow to help Esna pollinate plants, flowers and trees since the pollen is carried by the air currents.

Animals & Insects:

Marilda – Turns into bugs to protect fairies.

Marx – Animal & plant specialist for healing and protection.

Warren - A protector of all animals in the realm of Humans.

Fire Fae:

Vlam - Makes heat lightning in the warm months. Rides a firebird. Can pop corn right on the cob when angry.

Food Fae:

Maylinda – Fairy Baker. Gifts edible fairy dust for various "potions." Orange is one of her most popular glittering edible baking dusts.

​The Arts:

Orly - Art history fairy. Long brown hair with golden eyes. Her wings are patterned after the world's tiniest and rarest butterfly, the Sinai Baton Blue. Curator of children's artworks left for the fairies. When you leave a drawing for the fairies Orly collects it, frames it and writes its history for the Queen's library. Keeper of the knowledge of all crowns both Fae and human.

Goldblum: Goldblum is the Sprite of all things Jazzy & Snazzy. If you love art, fashion or music then Goldblum is your new best friend.


Tanisha - In charge of making all Fae books invisible to Human eyes. She also has an uncanny knack for helping children find just the right book and discover new authors.


Sugarplum Fairies (Dance)


Ruby Sweet – A rare Sugarplum Fairy. Loves to dance in the first and last lights of day. Red Skittles. Her super power is to grant "Happy Feet" dust.

Mama Sweet – Purple Skittles.

Papa Sweet – Green Skittles because he thinks they’re healthier.

Tooth Fairies

Poppy – A Tooth Fairy 1st Class. Message Bearer.


Fairy Godmother - An extremely popular fairy, Godmother is here for tackling the most weighty issues. She helped Maya's little brother Aiden, 5, get clear masks to help him read lips because he is hard of hearing.

​​​Pixies (Tinkerers/builders they adore inhabiting human Maker Spaces.)

Tinker Bell (Visiting due to being often summoned by children) – Maker of the elevators at Fairy Tree Village. The WORST at chemistry. When she blows things up you can smell peanut butter. She's recently lost her eyebrows during a pandemic pizza bake-off. Don’t ask. She doesn’t like to talk about it. However, all the other fairies are happy to tell you all about it.

Jinx – Protection Gifts: Blue Bravery Flake. Animal Companion = Skink named Axelrod. Favorite color = Red. Favorite Flower + Red Cannalilly or Dragon's Toenails. Head of the FBI (Fae Bureau of Investigation). Has recently learned about macaroni & cheese and love it. Gives the Horn of Hope shell. Pixie swimming champion who hates the rain.

Silken – Spider Keeper. Weaver of spider silk face masks for the pandemic. Favorite spider is Agriope the writing spider.

Erwan (Aeronaut)  - a protection pixie who often battles firebirds, gremlins and bullies. His name is Celtic for dragon.

Warren: Animal guardian. Protector of all animals.


Queen Sono of the Dragonfly Lands has replaced Elf King Eyal who has returned to his homelands.

The Elf Queen controls color, pattern and is one of the greatest shape-shifters who has ever lived. She can also shape-shift others.

She is as strong and wise as she is powerful. She is a Guardian who looks like a dragonfly and works with Erwan the Dragon fairy to train the dragon population to protect humans from bullies and unkind humans. She is full Wood Elf. Her wings are like a dragonfly's and change in color and pattern. Her castle rests on top of URDU the Guardian Troll of Sonosa. He deals with bullies. Also, he's an incredible chef!

​Avery – Teaches Bird Summoner children. Magic Word = Avis to call fairy birds. Gives magical sheet music.

Weft – Dream Weaver 1st Class. Seeks dreamers to help find their paths.

Gremlins - (Can be the ruiners of all things electronic)

Gremlins are not "born" as are fairies who come from an Einstein-Rosen Bridge burst of light between realms. These creatures originated very recently in the Human Realm only during the 1940s when aircraft electronics and moving parts were their favorite things to dismantle out of both curiosity and a profound sense of mischief. When aircraft switched many systems from analog to digital these creatures evolved to denizens of the Dark Web or deepest Internet where they have often travel into WiFi and cause no end of headaches.


Grimlock – Eats raw eggs. Hates dogs and Fairy Cats with a passion. Will mess with your WiFi when annoyed.

Rankin – Will turn you into a toad when annoyed.

Gizmodo - A friendly Gremlin who likes to come to visit your WiFi and try and repair it when his grumpy relatives cause problems. Gizmodo is color-blind which means he can only see things in black & white, like a 1 or a 0.

Fritz - Fritz is so smart she even lives in a smartphone. Fritz prefers Apple phones because she thinks they are fruit and therefore much more healthy.



Hobgoblins in general are very tiny beings with a massive ability to play practical jokes that they think are funny, but make everyone groan. Perhaps the best way to describe them is the embodiment of a Dad Joke.

Dagus the Doorkeeper is the grumpy night guardian in charge of security and safety of all magical doors. He works under contract to the Queen. He lives beneath the Hobgoblin Hall & Gremlin Rescue. He loves cantaloupe. He hates receiving letters but answers them because the Queen has insisted.


Osgood is currently the only hedgicorn (hedgehog/unicorn) at Fairy Tree. All of the other hedgicorns coming through the magical portal were accidentally transformed into chubby pine cones when a disturbance hot the door as they came through. IN order to locate Osgood's friends and family , find a chubby pine cone and tell it a joke. If it chuckles or rolls away it is a hedgicorn. Brig them to Fairy Tree for transformation back into their glorious selves.

Dragons & Dragon Fairies at the Dragon Volcano of Sir Eric

Erwan is the dragon fairy who guards the mail at Fairy Tree.

Idrid - Blue three-headed dragon.


They are not evil. Trolls are here to protect the Fairy Tree Village and Library. Turn to stone in daylight but are restored and rise from the ground in darkness.

​King Dragontripper – He actually tripped the Dragon Smaug once upon a time. Ask him about it. He loves to tell the tale.

NEW 2024! URDU the Guardian Troll of Sonosa. He deals with bullies. Also, he's an incredible chef!


Towerfeller – white eyebrows that glow in darkness.

​Mortimer – Pointy nose. Green eyes. Tufty green hair. Can’t read yet but likes to have children tell him stories.

​Hypertuff – The oldest and most battle-scarred of Queen Lysandra’s Stone Guardians. Keeper of the Rocks of Power.

Irk: The tiniest of the  Trolls who refuses to wear a mask during the pandemic saying his nose is too big.

Bogadh: The Troll who drives the car with the license plate "RONA"

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