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Learning with Fairies

With the help of the fairies and their human teaching and library friends we will be posting many things that the fairies, elves and trolls are teaching children.

Fairy Vocabulary Words


Writing Prompt

Fairy Cats

Some fairies enjoyed turning into cats so much that they chose to not change back to their original form.

Cats are fairies in their own right, with their own courts and strange powers.

What kinds of powers do fairy cats have?

Are there fairy powers fairy cats aren't allowed to have?

Are fairy cats limited to one particular breed?


How can you tell a fairy cat from a non-magical cat?

Do these fairies have any unusual habits or needs?

Suggested Viewing

While fairies love creativity and always say that they feel very sorry for anyone who can only think of one way to spell a word human children might be interested to know the most commonly misspelled words in letters written to the fairies.

According to Queen Lysandra, those words include:

Queen                   (There is no letter "W" in this word)

Fairy & fairies      (Just the one letter "R" does the job very nicely)

School                  (There is no letter "K")



Hoping                 (hopping is what bunnies do)


Discussion           (No letter "H")

Magic                    (No letter "K")

House                   (No letter "W" in this one)


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