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Wearable Fairy Mugs

The fairies discovered these lovely wee mugs just their size but worn by humans so that they will never miss a chance to enjoy a cuppa with them, should the chance magically appear.

These brilliant creations are made by Rachel Jaffe, a coastal craftswoman based in Virginia Beach, VA.

"As an artist and human bean, I am passionate about creating meaningful works that reflect the beauty and diversity of the world around us," she told Queen Lysandra during a recent tea time meeting at Fairy Tree. "My inspiration stems from the bountiful mother earth and all the life it supports, both above and below sea level. Whether it's learning new techniques, experimenting with different materials, or exploring various creative avenues, I am always seeking to push myself and grow as an artist."

Her website is filled with her creations which can be ordered online or purchased at The Hermitage gift shop in Norfolk, VA and other locations.

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