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Sir Dustin of COX & the Great Gremlin Rescue

When it comes to pandemic stress the return to school in an online format is anxiety producing at best and demoralizing at worst. For Sophie, 9, having the family's WiFi down for nearly a week as the first day of school looms was more than she could take.

Sophie wrote to the fairies for help.

She also roasted the Gremlin Lord in a scathing note. However, in reply she learned that it was in fact a very good little Gremlin named Gizmodo who had gone to visit her and become "trapped behind the great Wall of Fire" (firewall). "Help me Sophie," Gizmodo wrote. "S.O.G.! Save Our Gremlin!"

Sophie wrote back to the Fairy Queen and somehow, Queen Lysandra and her magical bird calls were able to summon Sir Dustin of COX Communications via a blue-birded site called Twitter. Rather than explain the rest we will let Sophie tell it herself.

Now, thanks to Sir Dustin and Sophie, Fairy Tree has a brand new Hobgoblin Hall & Gremlin Rescue. Sophie is making a gift for Gizmodo to help him recover.

The best gift of all was how incredibly happy COX Communications made this family with the most magical customer service anyone has ever seen here in the Human Realm.

We also learned the very valuable life lesson of not passing judgment on a creature too quickly. Not all Gremlins are bad. Some of them are just misunderstood.

Stay tunes for updates.

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