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Orly's Museum of Children's Art is now online

Fairy Tree has an Art Historian and Curator of the Museum of Children's Art, Orly. Since the very first day of fairy tree back on July 8, 2020, children have sent their drawings, sculptures, paintings and all manner of specially crafted gifts to the fairies.

Each and every letter every written to the fairies has been saved by Fairy Librarian Tanisha. Whenever a work of are comes in to the mailbox it is sent to Orly for display.

Now, thanks to the tireless work of Gizmodo Gremlin and the permission of Queen Lysandra, we present to you these precious works in a special Orly's Gallery page.

Here are just a few of the many images you can see in the new gallery which will be updated weekly.

"Always remember that the only opinion on your art that counts is your own," says Orly. "Art comes in any form you can imagine. if you can not come to Fairy Tree then send me a picture of your art in an email and Gizomdo will add it to my gallery."

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