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How are fairies born? How can they live in such tiny houses?

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

The question was finally posed by a child to her Pen Pal, "Where do fairies come from? How are fairies born?" Lumen the Light Fairy saw fit to give a very detailed and scientifically fabulist answer.

"Fairies are not born the way humans are," Lumen writes. "Also, they are NOT born from a baby human's first laugh. That is where a hybrid of modern Pixies originate. This may help explain the difference between the more domesticated version seen in some modern films and books and the "wild" Fae who have come back during this pandemic. "

Lumen explains, "Fairies were originally born from an Einstein-Rosen Bridge in space where realms collide and light is born. Some people call this a worm-hole, Faeries know it is a shortcut or portal between the realms for Fae and Human Realms. A wormhole is made from a dying star. This is where all the light of fairies comes from because stars never really die. Their light and energy are reborn into fairies."

The picture above shows how the two wormholes get connected by the "bridge" and the light coming out the top is faeries being born and shooting across the realms.

This is all still very new to Human Realmers. Human scientists took all the way until the year 1935 to start to figure out what the Fae have known for thousands of years.

Albert Einstein, who was amazingly good at math and physicist Nathan Rosen used the Einstein's math skills (his theory of general relativity) to begin to imagine that there might be "bridges" that connect two different points in space-time to make a shortcut.

Check out this VIDEO that explains what physics is about. A science that deals with the facts about matter and motion and includes the subjects of mechanics, heat, light, electricity, sound, and the atomic nucleus. Here is a good website about physics that is made just for kids.

Because they are only human Einstein and Rosen thought really small. They were only interested in a shortcut across the Human universe and not between the realms of Fae and Human.

Because these two men came up with the idea the shortcut was named after them by Humans. They call it an Einstein-Rosen Bridge.

See? Easy-peasy-time-spacey-squeasy.

How can fairies travel between worlds and how can a fairy live inside such a tiny house?

The answer is that fairy houses are filled with something humans call Aetron energy but which is really the energy of the fairy mind. The energy power source is the heart of the Fairy Queen which is why she must be guarded at all times.

This allows every fairy's home to become what is called a T.A.R.D.I.S. which stands for Time And Relative Dimension In Space. Each tiny T.A.R.D.I.S. has the ability to travel through space, time and across the realms. One moment the tiny house may be under a tree and a moment later it is in an entirely different country in a whole different year.

These time, space and realm traveling spaces look small but inside they can be totally huge. Inside there could be a whole flock of sheep, yet it fits in your pocket. Mary Poppins owns a T.A.R.D.I.S. which she had made by the fairies to look like a carpet bag.

Newt Scamander owns one that looks like a briefcase in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.There is a book and a movie about him.

All of these magical stories come right back to a mixture of science, fairies and an open mind.

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