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Color decoding the fairy mail

The fairies are a very creative lot indeed. Orly, the art fairy, made sure that each fairy has their own hallmark color. This helps children find their letters amid the boxes and boxes of mail left by the fairies each day here at Fairy Tree.

Now seems like a good time to reveal their color coding system to help newcomers. There are also teeny-tiny envelopes used for various types of magic dust.

Bright White = Tooth Fairy (silver ink) & Santa (red ink and reindeer postmark)

Cream White = Fairy Godmother who uses gold ink

Deep Purple = Queen Lysandra (Pink for closest friends)

Dark blue = GIZMODO Gremlin

Bright blue = King Eyal of the Elves & Idrid the blue ice dragon

Light blue = Briona the water fairy

Light purple = Lotus Blue

Pink = Orly, Osgood Hedgicorn (sometimes TinkerBell when she's really happy0

Yellow = Tinker Bell's standard color

Red = Jinx the Protection Pixie

Brown = Warren the animal fairy & Silken the spider

Orange = Erwan the dragon fairy

Green = Esna the plant fairy

Gray = Dagus the Hobgoblin door keeper

Petal pink = All other fairies

Here is a final little tidbit of fairy writing information. Fairies do not use contractions. Time Bandits do and occasionally Dagus. All other Fae choose to use all of their letters and complete words and so you will not find a single contraction in any of the nearly 2,000 letters that have been written by the fairies so far.

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