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About Fairy Doors

A note from Queen Lysandra:

We can come to you through any kind of door you make. The door can be made of clay, wood, plastic, rubber, sticks, rocks or any kind of material EXCEPT iron. Fairies are allergic to iron. You can stick them to a place with glue or wedge them into a hollow space in a tree. Once the door is there we do the rest, enchanting it to become a portal between realms.

Dagus the Door Keeper is a hired Hobgoblin who has placed many combination locks that take both a key and different combinations of behaviors to open each door. Some may be a combination of Kindness, Hope and Really bad Dad jokes, plus a key. Each door is different and Dagus changes the combinations on a regular and complicated basis. I try not to ask too many questions since he can be quite, ummm, interesting in his replies.

Fairies also make our own doors. Because the doors we make are often made of Weeping Willow they can be very sensitive.

If you try and pry them off using a tool or piece of metal (especially iron which can burn a fairy) then they cry and run away.

This wee one was found hiding out in the rain behind Towerfeller the Troll for protection.

All is well now. The little door (Matilda) had been rested and taken a bath in beeswax and lemon balm. She is now on vacation for a little while.

Matilda, loves children so much that she is not at all upset with anyone for being naturally curious. Of course everyone wants to see inside the Fairy Tree.

I tell you these things so that you can make good decisions and know that even the smallest actions can make a big difference in the lives of others.

Many children ask their fairies for keys to our doors. Sometimes, when they are not given a key they try and break in.

Here is a Fairy Writing Prompt:

Imagine if a stranger came to your house who was 100-feet tall, banged on your door and then left you a letter demanding that you give the giants a key to your house.

Would you give one?

What if that stranger then tried to break into your house?

How would you feel?

What would you tell that giant to help them understand things from your side of the door?

Fairies believe in always seeing things from both sides of the door, that's why the doors often have little windows.

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1 commentaire

24 sept. 2020

Dear Queen Lysandra,

Sometimes I think about you and miss you.

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