Write your letter to the fairies. Please include your name.

To receive a paper letter please include your full street address including zip code. Click below to send a letter.

Welcome to Fairy Pen Pals 2021. There is no charge for visits, letters, love, or magic here. This is a labor of love that began when the children of the world cried out in sadness during the lockdowns of the pandemic. The Fae have answered close to 2,000 letters and counting since July 2020.

Fairies have come back to our realm to help everyone find their Happy Thoughts. When you leave a letter at Fairy Tree the fairies, elves, gremlins, trolls, hobgoblins, The Muse and even a Fairy Godmother take turns replying with a paper letter the very next day.



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  • When you send the fairies an email the fairies write back. They can also mail a paper letter if you prefer.

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Please help keep the fairy mail safe with a donation towards a wireless security camera, or consider a small $2 donation to help with the cost of mailing & supplies.

There is no charge for letters or visits to Fairy Tree.

All letters are handwritten by the Fae.

Bring fairies into the Rose Garden. Write to First Lady Dr. Jill Biden

Do you love fairies? Do you think that fairies should have their own door and space in the White House Rose Garden?


Please consider writing to the First Lady and telling her how important it is to you that even the smallest voice be heard in the White House.


If you have written to a fairy, perhaps you can write (or make a picture) about how the fairy helped or how the fairy made you feel.



First Lady Dr. Jill Biden
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
Washington, DC 20500

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New 2021 additions!

Home to Osgood the Hedgicorn (in the blue fairy mushroom house) and Art Fairy Orly. (Pink roof is hers). DAS clay is a favorite of the fairies. Our DIY page will soon have a complete set of Best Practices for its outdoor use an survival.

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